IMPACT MONDAY – online | Noble Purpose

June 29, 2020
4:00 pm

Throughout the years Olivier Onghena realized that most of the time we don’t ask ourselves such essential questions as “Why do I live?”, “What is the meaning I give to my Life?”, “Why do I do what I do?” It’s often not until Life confronts us with ourselves that we start thinking about the meaning we give to our Life.

As an engaged entrepreneur, dedicated noble purpose activist and author of ‘The Book of Noble Purpose’, the focus of Olivier is to bring noble purpose to Humankind, to society and into the business world. He believes that inspiration & noble purpose are the drivers for evolution, progress and success of each individual, collective, group and organization.

Inspiration and noble purpose go hand in hand and reinforce each other. Inspiration and noble purpose guarantee to find the right balances between the personal, social and professional spheres in our Life, between the different interests of members of a group or team, between the different interests of all the stakeholders of an enterprise or any kind of organization. Inspiration is the essence of Humankind’s evolution.

Noble purpose is therefore the essence of wellbeing and peace, of progress and innovation, of alignment and respect, of creativity and innovation for the individual, the collective, the society.

But … noble purpose is for Olivier not a hype, a temporary trend or a buzz word, it’s the essence of our Life, it’s the corner stone or each society, it’s the foundation of what he wants investments and enterprises to become.

WHEN: Monday 29th June 2020 from 4pm to 5pm. 

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