Valorising the role of social innovation in impact-oriented R&D: approaches

June 13, 2022
4:00 pm

What is this Impact Monday about?

Flanders’ FOOD is the so-called spearhead cluster for the agri-food industry in Flanders, a strategic innovation platform with the ultimate objective of making the agri-food industry more innovative, competitive, and sustainable at once. Cluster organisations are by nature collaboration-driven: they are essentially about forging links between critical ecosystem actors, but also about crafting underlying methods and approaches to make such collaborations truly impactful and sustainable. Starting from Flanders’ FOOD’s core activities and capacities as a cluster organisation, we would like to give more prominence to this often underexposed social innovation dimension in impact-oriented R&D efforts.

About Flanders’ FOOD

Flanders’ FOOD was established in 2005 by Fevia Vlaanderen (federation for the food industry) and around 20 founding members. The starting point? Gaining a stronger position through collaboration with each other and research partners.

Flanders’ FOOD is the innovation platform for the Flemish agri-food industry. Together with our members – businesses, research institutes, organisations and federations – we make up the agri-food spearhead cluster, the network for innovation in the agri-food industry. 


Event Information:
📅 WHEN? Monday 13th of June from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.



The session will be in English