OPEN DOORS DAY – Impact House 6th Year Celebration

August 30, 2024
11:30 am


This end of summer, Impact House will be celebrating its 6th anniversary, and we warmly invite you to come to our Open Doors Day.

Explore the dynamic venue and meet our community members. There will be workshops from our in-house organisations, as well as some drinks and sweets.

Stay tuned for more updates!


11.30 AM


12 – 1 PM

Do you want to use your Finance as a Force for Good?                                          by Impact Finance Belgium x Duurzaam Beleggen Academy

Any purchase, any investment has non-financial consequences. Do you avoid the negative externalities and contribute to the positive? Also, if that is not reflected in the price or return?

In this one-hour session, you will discover the principles and (positive) consequences of impact finance.

12 – 1 PM

G1000: The people have voted. And now? Democratic innovation in Belgium. What already exists, what more can be done.

In recent years, Belgium has taken significant strides in advancing deliberative democracy. The permanent citizens’ council in Eupen, mixed commissions in Brussels and Wallonia, and federal-level citizens panels mark crucial progress. However, the journey doesn’t end here.

Let’s explore the potential for further democratic innovation, examining how elections, citizens’ assemblies, and direct democracy can be integrated to enhance citizen involvement and strengthen democratic processes.

1 – 2 PM

Permanent Assemblies as the new frontier in Deliberative Democracy        by FIDE

Join us for an engaging talk on the future of permanent citizens’ assemblies. Over the past five years, a wave of citizens’ assemblies on climate and other important social and political issues has emerged across Europe and beyond, at local, regional, national, and even transnational levels. These assemblies hold the promise of discovering better solutions to the climate and societal crises while fostering a more inclusive and democratic political process.

Despite their potential, most citizens’ assemblies are typically one-off or ad-hoc events. Can these temporary measures make a lasting impact on both the climate and ecological crises and the democratic process? To address this, a growing number of practitioners, activists, and researchers are advocating for the establishment of permanent or institutionalised climate citizens’ assemblies.

Come and explore this vital topic and consider the future of democratic action.

1 – 2 PM

Young Changemakers’ Mental Wellbeing: A collective reflection                    by Ashoka Belgium x Play4Peace

Join us for an engaging 1-hour workshop focused on enhancing mental wellbeing for young changemakers, designed to provide valuable insights and foster collective reflection.

The first 30 minutes, led by Play4Peace Academy, will provide practical tools and strategies for young people (aged 15-30), including young entrepreneurs, to take care of their mental health and wellbeing. This interactive session will equip participants with essential skills to boost their mental resilience. The second half, facilitated by Ashoka, will involve a collective reflection where participants can share insights and discuss what is missing in the Belgian ecosystem and explore actionable improvements to better support the mental wellbeing of young changemakers.

2 – 3 PM

Nurturing a Global Citizenship Mindset in Youth by KIYO

Together we’ll explore what it means to be a ‘global citizen’, and why we believe it is an important concept to work around with youth. We discover how we can motivate youth to contribute to positive change in their specific context.

2 – 3 PM

Context-based sustainability and how the EU legal framework falls short by Sustenuto

What is context-based or absolute sustainability (also called triple materiality)? Why is it relevant? What current examples exist of it? How does allocation happen (towards countries, corporates, etc.)? How does this relate to EU sustainability laws and policies?

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and engage in thought-provoking discussions on advancing sustainability in the EU.

3 – 4 PM

Insider insights: What (impact) investors seek                                                        by Shaping Impact Group

Always wondered what’s going on in the brain of an investor and how they look at your organisation? Curious about which aspects of your business they prioritize and which ones they find less significant?

In this session, you will gain insights from the insiders. Learn how to captivate investors and discover the essential do’s and don’ts for pitching your idea effectively.

3 – 4 PM

Empowering social economy: an ICT-driven approach to impact assessment by Open Impact

Join us in discussing how innovative digital technology can shape the future of social impact.

This workshop will open with an introduction to Open Impact, an innovative start-up from Italy that harnesses digital technology to refine the measurement and management of social, economic, and environmental impacts. We will discuss Open Impact’s ICT-driven approach to impact assessment: providing consultancy services and developing digital tools designed for benchmarking, measuring, and valorising the impacts of diverse projects, organizations, and consortia.

Following this introduction, we will explore our role in the SETS – Social Economy Transition Skills project, where Open Impact is responsible for the project’s impact assessment. Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, SETS aims to develop, test, and disseminate tailored skills development programmes and training modules, to facilitate the green and digital transformation of Social Economy Organisations (SEOs). We will share the methodologies we utilise for impact assessment and discuss the initial outcomes of the SETS project. The presentation will feature highlights from recent research findings that pinpoint existing skill gaps, outline necessary upskilling and reskilling dimensions, and define the essential competencies needed for green and digital jobs within social economy.

Debateville‘s corner: Join the Debate! Discover Your Impact!

Dive into the interactive world of debate with our corner. This activity invites you to actively participate in short debates on thought-provoking statements related to current societal issues such as climate change, democracy, and social justice.


📅 WHEN? Friday, 30th of August | From 11.30 AM – 4 PM.

📍 WHERE? At the Impact House, 20, Joseph II Street Brussels.

*No reservation or registration is needed to attend the workshops. However, due to the limited availability of seats, it is advised to come earlier than the time announced to ensure attendance. You can of course combine the workshops with a visit to the House and its organisations.