IMPACT MONDAY | when Art meets Social Impact

januari 13, 2020
6:30 pm

Charles-Antoine Bodson believes the human conscience is evolving to a point where concepts such as engaged consumption and responsible product manufacturing will soon become a norm.

Consumers are becoming aware that their choices matter. As they wield that power more and more, a new mentality is forming within the fabric of society, forcing for-profit companies to reconsider their philosophies even if it means lowering their margins.

As a social entrepreneur, Charles-Antoine founded The Skateroom upon the principle of engaged consumption. By dedicating a percentage of every sale to helping others, The Skateroom turns consumers into active contributors in supporting different social skateboarding projects dedicated to empowering at-risk youth.

Through his company, a certified B Corporation since 2019, Charles-Antoine wants to show people that there are better ways to consume, and that profit should only be considered after the fact – not serve as the driving factor. In doing so, he also hopes to inspire other companies to follow a similar model.

PRICING? 5 euros to pay in cash at the entrance

WHEN? Monday the 13th of January, from 6.30 to 8 pm.

WHERE? Jozef II-straat 20, 1000 Brussels

CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE by sending an e-mail to – (space is limited)