IMPACT MONDAY – How Companies Lead Social Change from the Inside Out

oktober 5, 2020
4:00 pm

The Corporate Social Mind: How Companies Lead Social Change from the Inside Out, uncovers the 8 traits a business must cultivate to develop a corporate social mindset required today. Co-authors Derrick Feldmann and Michael Alberg-Seberich interviewed professionals in Europe and North America who are reengineering how social change happens within and outside companies. Michael Alberg-Seberich will present the findings of the research and introduce the 8 traits that are crucial for a company to create social impact. These traits:

The traits can be implemented in day to day management. In this presentation and discussion learn how you can infuse social impact into a company and ensure marketing/ communications teams are collaborating so that social change can truly occur.

Michael is a partner at the social impact advisory Wider Sense in Berlin. Wider Sense is a consultancy for specializing in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and social investment. Michael also writes for a variety of industry blogs, magazines.

If your curiosity is triggered you can visit The Corporate Social Mind.


WHEN? Monday, the 5ft of October, 4-5pm.

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