IMPACT MONDAY – online | Corporate Wellbeing

april 20, 2020
4:00 pm

! Due to COVID-19, this conference will take place online !

“Wellbeing inspires Welldoing”

In times of uncertainty, we all experience fear and anxiety or see fear and anxiety in others. Our inner wellbeing is crucial right now. It allows us to continue to create impact and creatively address challenges despite the chaos surrounding us. It’s also the foundation for being able to be there for others—even through great challenges and uncertainty.

We spend more of our waking hours at work than anything else, shouldn’t it be something that keeps us healthy and that we enjoy? A happy place that is healthy at its core? Research shows otherwise! Corporate wellbeing is key to create a healthy and happy workplace, it’s about keeping your employees and attracting talent. 

The biggest misunderstanding is that it’s about balloons, pingpong tables….It’s about crafting a culture that sustains healthy behaviour and creates a happy workplace. A culture that embeds physical activity in daily lives. Movement has also an important productivity boost on our brain. It’s proven that happy employees do better work, happy companies make more money.

Every leader should have a clear vision that supports employees to be a high performer in a way that’s physically and mentally healthy. Managers are responsible for structures, values and processes that promote happiness at work. Employees have the responsibility to take action within the framework set by the company.That’s how a positive impact is made on employees but also on their families and society.

Let’s discuss some practical tips online to inspire you!

WHEN? Monday, the 20th of April, from 4pm to 5:30pm. 

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