IMPACT MONDAY | Choosing for TALENT charges your batteries and makes you happy.

december 2, 2019
6:30 pm
In his keynote, Luk Dewulf first made a distinction between a gap-based and a strengths-based perspective, how both perspectives are part of reality and how the strengths-based perspective builds the resilience of people to deal with challenges in the workplace.
He gave a definition about talent. How you can recognize it, and how you can develop it. He talked about what happens under stress. How people exaggerate their talent, and how they can develop skills to use their talent more effectively. Of course, also, how to handle your weaknesses was part of his story. Based on hundreds of conversations, Luk and his colleagues developed a framework of 39 talents. Each participant will discover some talents.
At the end of the lecture, Luk gave examples about how both companies and schools make use of his ideas. How the online tool has been developed for that reason. And how his movement of Chidren’s talent whisperers is growing faster and the more and more international.

Luk Dewulf studied Educational Sciences and is a pioneer of talent thinking in Belgium and the Netherlands. His book “I choose my talent” is already in its 21st edition and his ideas are widely distributed in education and business.    An enthusiastic speaker who constantly touches his audience and makes them think. He is also a talent whisperer and a talent and burnout coach.

PRICING? 5 euros to pay in cash at the entrance

WHEN? Monday the 2nd of December, from 6.30 to 8 pm.

WHERE? Jozef II-straat 20, 1000 Brussels

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