IMPACT MONDAY | Towards a regenerative economy – maximising value instead of profit

June 3, 2019
6:00 pm

Develop an economic model which creates more value than it destroys. That is the main idea of ‘regenerative economy’, put forward by Guibert Del Marmol. While the multiple societal crises we face seem nothing but depressing, they also reveal that another world is possible. Aiming to maximize profit does not benefit the environment nor humanity in the long run. Convinced of our capability to turn things around, Guibert del Marmol pleads to move towards a model that reconciles economy, ecology and sense, which is at the service of life rather than money. This emerging model comes with the opportunity for businesses to be true solution-makers, by focusing on creating value for all stakeholders.

Former leading businessman Guibert Del Marmol works as a mentor, author and speaker specializing in the field of regenerating economy. Since 2006, he’s been helping managers, executive boards and shareholders implement a conscious capitalism. He also co-manages the Lunt Foundation that promotes and supports societally-driven entrepreneurship.

This Impact Monday was a must do for everyone who’s curious to know what regenerative economy entails and how entrepreneurs can drive positive change.