IMPACT MONDAY | The crucial relationship between Impact and the concept of Purpose

November 18, 2019
6:30 pm

Herman dove into the crucial relationship between impact and the concept of Purpose.

Herman truly believes these are crucial times in human history. We are about to shift the way we look at people (no more homo economicus) and the way we look at the world (no more the individual at the centre). This offers a world of new possibilities for organisations and businesses.

Being positively connected to the general wellbeing will become imperative for every organisation. Yet, every organisation has to do it in an authentic and truthful manner. And has to implement it in every aspect of the value model.

In his talk Herman gave practical tips and tricks on how to implement Purpose in different types of organisations: doing well-doing good, purpose first entrepreneurs and non-profit 2.0.

Herman is a marketeer and author. He works for typical profit companies and typical not for profit organizations. Herman already published three books: Transformeren om te overleven (2012) (PIM literaarprijs), Happy Profit (2014) and The Positive Sum Game (2019). His latest book The Positive Sum Game is available in the library of the Impact House

PRICING? 5 euros to pay in cash at the entrance

WHEN? Monday the 18th of November, from 6.30 to 8 pm.

WHERE? Jozef II-straat 20, 1000 Brussels

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