Impact Monday – Navigating Impact

February 7, 2022
4:00 pm

Navigating impact measurement & management: How to integrate impact throughout the investment journey

EVPA’s new, bar-raising report shows how to embed impact management and measurement at the heart, and in all stages, of your investment journey. The publication demonstrates how the EVPA five-step process and other IMM initiatives (Dimensions of impact of the Impact Management Project, the Operating Principles of Impact Management, the Principles of Social Value and the SDG Impact Standards) are linked and complement each other in practice. Launched at EVPA’s Annual Conference on 9 November, this report includes contributions from 60 leading experts in the field.

Advancing impact measurement and management practices is essential to prevent green and social washing and to ensure social investments achieve lasting impact. The report is part of a large research effort at the top of EVPA agenda in 2022, as safeguarding and maximising impact will be our community’s crucial task in this period of prolonged instability.

Alessia Gianoncelli – Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development

Alessia is the Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development at EVPA, where she is responsible for research activities, content development, data collection, community engagement and market development.

Since 2014, she co-authored publications, practical cases, and articles on venture philanthropy, impact measurement and management, impact strategies, the European impact ecosystem, tailored and hybrid finance. Thanks to her research, she prominently contributed to the EVPA narrative around investing for impact, and she is invited to speak at international conferences and gives guest lectures (e.g. INSEAD Business School in Paris and Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management).

She also started the EVPA initiative “Foundations Along the Spectrum of Capital” in collaboration with the European Foundation Centre, which she now co-leads. She cooperates with EVPA’s sister organisations in Latin America, Asia and Africa (IVPC, Latimpacto, AVPN and AVPA) to strengthen and increase the collaboration among actors acting in the global impact ecosystem, sharing learning, facilitating the exchange of experiences, contributing to scale successes across regions.”

Gianluca Gaggiotti – Research Manager

Gianluca is Research Manager at EVPA, where he is directly involved in several research activities, with a specific focus on data analysis and content development of several research-related initiatives.

Gianluca joined EVPA in 2017, where he has developed an in-depth knowledge on the impact ecosystem and all the actors involved in it. Gianluca has previously worked as a Research Assistant for several project related to development and social network economics at Bocconi University. 

He holds a Master degree in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University with a thesis on the effect of terrorism on political outcome in the US.

WHEN? Monday 7th of February from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The session will be in English