IMPACT MONDAY – ​How young Changemakers are leading the conversation through action

March 14, 2022
6:30 pm

In a world defined by change and uncertainty, talking about health has become primordial, and engaging people in tackling taboo topics, a necessity. Young people, all around the world, are at the forefront of this movement. 
Come listen to four empowering young Changemakers – Noor, Anaïs, Shahad and Caroline – who are creating solutions for the good of all whiles pushing others to join in. By going beyond taboos, they are stepping up to shape the conversation on what tomorrow’s world should look like. 

Anaïs, Shahad and Caroline – Period poverty

Young women face a double sanction when it comes to their period: there is still a heavy taboo in our society, and sanitary products are quite expensive. Needie Paddie intends to bring a solution to this. Anaïs, Shahad and Caroline install collected boxes in strategic places where people can donate hygienic products. They then distribute the products to people in need.
In addition to providing a practical solution, the girls are raising awareness on social media. 

Noor – Mental health

Noor is a well-rounded Changemaker: she coordinates operations, trains teachers, and engages other young people in her projects. She recently received the Lyon Club’s Young Ambassador Award 2021!
Her current project is to support young people’s mental health by offering a space at the school playground for students to share and discuss challenges and successes.  


Noor, Anaïs, Shahad and Caroline are part of the Ashoka Youth for Change Programme, a network of young Changemakers from 15 to 20 years old, who have demonstrated proficiency in Changemaking and are daily impacting positively our world. 


SESSION – Monday 14th of March from 6:30pm to 8pm
PRICE? 5 euros to be paid in cash at the entrance*

*Price includes a drink at the end of the session

The session will be in English