IMPACT MONDAY – ​Farming Communities: produce sustainable food together

September 13, 2021
4:00 pm
Impact Monday Farming

Herenboeren Nederland supports citizens in the development of nature-driven cooperative farming. But to be able to do that successfully, the challenge they face is actually much greater; deeper, wider.

Herenboeren and other Farming Communities, along with their skilled professional farmers and horticulturists act as a growing alternative to the current food system. In order to bring sustainable food production closer, they initiate and conduct research, train farmers and propose amendments to legislation and regulations.

Core of the story:

In 2012, Herenboeren started a programmatic approach to contribute to the transition of our food system. They brought our focus to 4 pillars:

– New farming concepts and models

– Affordable access to land

– Towards stimulating legislations and regulations

– Gathering, developing and unlocking knowledge

Affordable access to land is essential for the development of farmhouses. Access to land also plays an important role for all those other great concepts that are currently being developed by new and existing farmers. Aardpeer plays an important role in this.

During this Impact Monday, the Impact House will give the floor to Kees van Biert and Geert van der Veer. They will explain the journey of Herenboeren as well as the origin and functioning of Aardpeer.

Herenboeren staff

Background of the two speakers:

Kees van Biert, a farmer’s son, has led a worldwide operating consultancy for over 30 years, where he was responsible for the Maritime and Offshore industry. In addition, he has been chairman of the Board of BDGrondbeheer for 8 years. A foundation that now manages/owns 550 hectares of agricultural land, which is at the service of farmers “who want to leave the earth in a better place and who also want to farm in a healthy economy”. In the latter role, he is a co-initiator of Aardpeer.

As initiator behind the Herenboeren movement, Geert van der Veer has been working on the mission since 2012 to involve all Dutch people in their food. Herenboeren Nederland gives people perspective for action by helping them to start their own farm. Access to land is very important in this regard. Aardpeer enables everyone to become a member of the Aardpeer community and thus take a step in safeguarding the quality of their soil for many generations to come.


WHEN? Monday 13th of September from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The session will be in English