Impact House Open Doors Day – 5th Anniversary Celebration

September 1, 2023


At the end of the summer, the Impact House is celebrating its 5th anniversary. We’re happy to invite you all to our Open Doors Day.

Come and discover our magical place in the heart of Brussels, meet our co-habitants, join some workshops, and enjoy some ice cream.

More workshops will be added in the coming days. Keep an eye on it!


11.30 AM


12.30 – 1.30 PM

Screening of ‘Women Don’t Cycle‘.

Women Don’t Cycle (46′, 2022) is a film about what it means to be a woman cycling in different countries around the world. The movie was created by Manon and Dries, co-founders of Slowby and Welcome to My Garden

Hear and watch their stories and discover the true feelings of slow travel! 

12 – 1 PM

Deliberative democracy for business and civil society organisations – an intro by G1000 & FIDE

How to make decision-making in your organization radically inclusive? In this workshop, we will discuss the utility of ‘deliberative democracy’, a participation method based on randomly selected participants, informed deliberation and consensus-based communication. Across the globe, more and more governments are integrating these tools in their policy processes. So let’s explore together how this approach can be useful within your own organization as well!

12 – 1 PM

Sustenuto: The EU Green Deal from a company perspective

CSRD, CS3D, Ecodesign, Green Claims Directive…EU regulations abound in today’s business world. Sustenuto helps companies understand what is coming their way in context of the EU Green Deal. In our workshop, we start from a fictional company in the year 2025. Together, we identify and analyse the impact of EU regulations on its products, production process, business operations, value chain, …You will leave the session with a thorough understanding of the sustainability requirements imposed by Europe, actionable insights to take on the task yourself, and above all, a clear grasp of the potential benefits for your business and stakeholders.

1 – 2 PM

KIYO: Talent as a leverage for Empowerment

KIYO recognises that while talent is universal, opportunity is not. During this session you will get a feeling of how being aware of your talent can make you more resilient and more confident in connecting with others. Experiencing an enabling environment for talent growth will trigger you to also create these opportunities for others both on a personal and professional level.

2 – 3 PM

Ashoka invites you to deconstruct stereotypes in entrepreneurship with Talented Youth Network (TYN)

Join us for the “Me, prejudiced? Never!” workshop, created by young people from TYN, one of Ashoka’s partners on youth empowerment. The tool is designed to deconstruct stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices by encouraging everyone to discuss how they experience them and how they may, sometimes unconsciously, pass them on. You will learn, share experiences and brainstorm to identify solutions to combat discriminatory situations around us. You are also invited to discover our Ashoka office, check out our latest publications and meet the team!

3 – 4 PM

Duurzaam Beleggen Academy: Your Money Can Have an Impact Too

“Every Penny Counts for the Climate” is the headline of a campaign led by the Sustainable Investment Academy (Duurzaam Beleggen Academy). The campaign’s objective is to convince 100,000 Belgians that they can play a role in addressing climate change and making an impact through their financial choices. This initiative aims to instill behavioral change by presenting testimonials from investors, entrepreneurs, and organizations that are driving positive change. The Impact House will be the platform where DBA introduces this campaign and provides concrete examples of actions you can take to contribute to the fight against climate change.

3 – 4 PM

Shaping Impact Group: Insider Insights: What (impact) investors seek

Always wondered what’s going on in the brain of an investor and how they look at your organisation? want to know what are the most important elements of your business and what things actually are less important?
Come and pick the brains of David Mwasha and Selim Vanbecelaere, they will explain all about how to charm an investor and what are the does and dont’s when you pitch your idea.


📅 WHEN? Friday, 1st of September | From 11.30 AM – 4 PM.

📍 WHERE? At the Impact House, 20, Joseph II Street Brussels.

*No reservation or registration is needed to attend the workshops. However, due to the limited availability of seats, it is advised to come earlier than the time announced to ensure attendance. You can of course combine the workshops with a visit to the House and its organisations.