IMPACT MONDAY | Impact and beyond: what is your ambition and strategy towards change?

octobre 7, 2019

Impact House welcomes Kaat Peeters, Social Impact Manager at Konekt, professor social innovation at the university college ‘Erasmushogeschool’, growth strategy consultant and former manager of Sociale Innovatie Fabriek. Impact is her key drive: Why do people want to have impact? What are the challenges we want to tackle? To what level do we go? Is the ambition ‘becoming less harmful’, is it ‘doing good things for society/planet’, or do we dare to ‘leave a legacy’ by strategically achieving the positive change required to finally break with the destructive patterns in our society?

A main finding during Kaat’s work with social entrepreneurs/policy makers/movements/grant managers is that many people hope to leave a legacy for a better world and that they often have strategies to get to the level of ‘doing good’, but they are failing to conceive strategies that will bring them to the next level. Meanwhile, there are several beautiful examples of people/organisations that are able to leave a legacy and need to be told about.

“Impact and beyond. What’s your ambition and strategy towards change” makes you reflect about what impact means for you and how you can put it into action, with a set of inspiring examples:
— What are the impact domains you want to affect?
— What impact do you already achieve and what legacy do you actually want to obtain?
— How do you go from output, to outcome, to impact, to legacy?
— What is the difference between upscaling, outscaling and deepscaling?

In short, a journey about how to leave a legacy and change the world ‘for good’.

PRICING? 5 euros to pay in cash at the entrance

WHEN? Monday the 7th of October, from 6.30 to 8 pm.

WHERE? Jozef II-straat 20, 1000 Brussels

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