OPEN DOORS DAY – Impact House Celebration

août 31, 2021


At the end of the summer, the Impact House will blow out its 3rd candle. For the occasion, we will open the front doors and invite everyone to join us for an afternoon of conversation and learning as the different organisations of the house will hold various workshops:




Debateville: Mondig Maakt Machtig 

Debateville is een veelzijdig en motiverend debat- en spreekvaardigheidsprogramma voor jongeren vanaf 10 jaar. Elke jongere heeft het immers in zich om zo overtuigend te zijn als Obama, zo inspirerend als Malala of zo scherp als Stromae. Tijdens deze workshop laten we je zelf ervaren waarom debat jongeren de vaardigheden, kennis en attitudes geeft om het beste uit zichzelf te halen.


KIYO:EmPOWERing people for better ImpACT! 

KIYO aims to unlock the potential of youth to become active global citizens. Based on its worldwide expertise KIYO has developed a framework to work on Empowerment of people, especially youth in different context.  During this workshop, we will share some of our tips & tricks to shape an enabling environment for empowerment in any context.


ODS: Working on challenges and good practices in achieving social impact 

ODS aims to help CSOs achieve greater impact. But impact is complex, uncertain, and without a particular shape or direction. This workshop will focus on the ideas that ODS considers fundamental when capturing and understanding impact such as: radical listening, documenting hidden transcripts, letting informants be the ethnographers of their own conditions, and going beyond quantitative indicators in order to engage them in complex ways. All of these ideas are steps in creating new ways of speaking about impact and filling the gap between discourse and practice in the CSO environment.


LITA.coBecome an Impact Investor is the first impact investing platform in Europe. The platform selects impactful companies and conducts due-diligences before introducing those companies to investors. LITA builds a bridge in between entrepreneurs with innovative solutions and individuals or organisations willing to give a purpose to their investments. LITA is actually way more than a just web platform and this workshop will show-case the selection process, the negotiation of investment conditions and the follow-up of the funded companies. Ready to learn more about impact investing? Join us and get inspired.


Sustenuto: How to embed the Sustainable Development Goals in your organisation
The Sustainable Development Goals provide a global view on what sustainability means towards 2030. The SDG’s are in essence a human rights agenda covering a broad set of environmental and socio-economic topics. As a global call for action, any organisation is challenged to reflect on how to integrate the SDG’s in a meaningful and effective way. Sustenuto gives insight in the SDG’s and provides practical tools to start your 2030 contribution. 


Ashoka: Youth and Changemaking

Young people are today’s actors of change. But can they change the world if their well-being and mental health are not respected? How can we as adults take action and be good leaders of change while respecting our mental health?  

12:30pm-1:30pm & 4pm-5pm

And finally, Younited will play some short movies in which players will explain what the organisation means to them. The Younited team will also be present to answer any question and provide some more information.

WHEN? Tuesday 31th of September from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

WHERE? At the Impact House, 20, Joseph II Street Brussels

*No reservation is needed to attend the workshops. Due to a limited availability of seats, it is advised to come earlier than the time announced to ensure attendance. You can of course combine the workshops with a visit to the House and its organisations.

**The current covid-regulations for events will be applicable. Those who are considered ‘covidsafe’ (holder of a certificate of full vaccination,  a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 (valid between 11 and 180 days from the date of a positive PCR test) or a negative covid test taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival) can take off their face masks indoors. Those who aren’t ‘covidsafe’ are asked to keep on their facemask on. 

Please, keep your facemask on during the workshops, regardless of your ‘covidsafe’ status.