IMPACT MONDAY | Putting the ‘fair’ in fair trade – Ethiquable talks

avril 1, 2019

Seven and a half billion people live on earth. Although we are producing way more food than is required – enough to feed 12 billion – there are still almost 1 billion people suffering from hunger. While this is in itself already worrisome enough, we must also conclude that 80 percent of the undernourished people are small farmers producing food. Far from fair, is the least you could say.

This Impact Monday Stephan Vincent of Ethiquable showcased how their strategy combining small organic farming, a cooperative model and fair trade positively impacts small farmers in the South. The organic products of Ethiquable, which can be found in many French and Belgian supermarkets, are developed by collaborating with cooperative societies of small producers that respect traditional farming. They currently have a network of 48 producer organizations active in Asia, Africa or Latin-America. An inspiring business model that lead to several organic product and fair trade labels, as well as an award of social entrepreneurship in 2018.

This Impact Monday participants could learn how an established cooperative such as Ethiquable puts the ‘fair’ in fair trade through concrete examples.