IMPACT MONDAY | Children are composers

septembre 28, 2020

Children are Composers is a music method to let children grow: besides their creative thinking and self-confidence, their social skills and learning skills will be impacted.

In 1996, Hanne Deneire started teaching to highly gifted children and by the age of 19, she was lecturing at the University of Antwerp, in the CBO department. As a composer, she collaborates with the best orchestras, musicians and festivals worldwide. She felt that music connects people and has the ability to enrich in an unparalleled manner. She started developing her own creative method with which students learn through games and create their own music. Because she wanted to scale and reach children all over the world with this method, an inspirational platform for teachers, families and schools was designed.

Ever since she was selected for the Birdhouse accelerator programme in 2018, Wilfried Van Asche and Filip Smet have been her mentors along her journey to inspiring children through music. At the moment, House of Music, the organisation that empowers this journey, has ambassadors in Kenia, Jordan, The Netherlands, Suriname and Mexico. We have inspired more than 10.000 kids in the last years.

The process of this social entrepreneurship is challenging, and not at all evident. Hanne wants to inspire other entrepreneurs who think out of the box or wanted to have a worldwide impact on our society. This ever developing story, is the one that Hanne is going to share with you.


WHEN? Monday, the 28th of September, from 4 to 5pm

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