IMPACT MONDAY – Can Women save the Economy?

août 24, 2020

Isabella Lenarduzzi has been a social entrepreneur, an expert in communication and event organisation for 35 years. Her areas of interest include gender equality, employment, education, training, entrepreneurship, innovation and European public affairs. Isabella is also an Ashoka Fellow since 2013. Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are recognised to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. In 2006, Isabella launched JUMPthe leading social enterprise working with organisations and individuals to close the gap between women and men at work achieve sustainable corporate performance and create a more equal society.

Did you know that in Belgium…

  • Women are 52% of the population
  • Women are 56% of the graduates
  • The business case for women maintains that companies that have gender balance retain several key business advantages over more homogenous companies.


  • Women only make 16% of the executive committees members of the biggest companies
  • Women earn globally 30% less than men
  • Women do 2/3 of the unpaid work
  • 70% of poor people are women, especially single mothers
  • One woman out of 5 is or will be the victim of violence in her couple

Isabella is trying to shift this corporate culture by demonstrating that a more inclusive economic model is possible—one where men and women can have success both at work and at home. She provides a missing platform for all relevant stakeholders—including men—who want to change corporate culture, but do not have the support to do so, by providing them with the confidence, tools and the most strategic outlets to press for lasting change. 

During this conference, Isabella will talk about the complex phenomena that explains the disparities between women and men in companies and in the economy.
Do we need to fix it? Why and how? Has the sanitary crisis changed anything on the situation of women? How can Women save the Economy?


Resources list

JUMP free resources

For companies and organisations:

Handbook against sexism in the workplace and posters campaign:  

Inclusion handbook:
Dozen of toolboxes on equality, diversity and inclusion
But also the web site of JUMP with the resources against sexism for individuals:

 Useful resources

 Curt Rice “Let women return to office first”

France. Pétition pour soutenir les entrepreneuses qui souffrent de la crise sanitaire et économique.
Isabella est co-fondatrice de Elle&Co

Belgique. Communiqué de presse qui demande au gouvernement bruxellois de mesurer les effets de la pandémie sur les femmes.
Isabella est vice-présidente du Conseil bruxellois de l’égalité.

ARD Broadcast on the impact of the sanitary crisis on women in Germany and Europe.

McKinsey “Diversity still matters”

 McKinsey “COVID-19 and the employee experience: how leaders can zeize the moment”

 La Ligue des famille : Besoins et attentes des parents pendant le confinement

Havard Business Review : 3 ways to advance gender equity as we return to the office

 Les Nouvelles News: télétravailleuses en détresse

Fondation Jean Jaurès : Covid-19 : Menaces sur les femmes dans le monde