IMPACT MONDAY – All of us: taking part in a world open to others

décembre 20, 2021
all of us movie

What if, far from the tensions around questions of identity and the fear of “the other”, we show other realities?

What if we told stories of daring citizens who, in the optics of a harmonious life between people of different beliefs, reinvent family, education, social relations, culture, work … despite the pre-existing difficulties and tensions?

What if, thanks to these stories from all over the world, we begin to see the beginning of what could be the diverse and harmonious world of tomorrow?

What if we all take part?

Pierre Pirard, co-founder of Teach for Belgium as part of the Teach For All network, recently directed the documentary “All of us” which will be released in October 2021. “In 2009, I had a big midlife crisis,” Pirard admitted, “I realised I had less time ahead of me than what I had already spent in this life, and then came the tricky questions: how much time did I have left? And what did I want to do with it? I decided to cross the borders of my personal life and become a teacher in a disadvantaged school in Brussels. I had no idea this decision would have such a huge impact on my life.

The movie deals with the themes of social inclusion and living together in peace and shows how, in countries across the world, such as in Bosnia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Senegal and the United States, women and men have taken the bet to take a steps towards others despite tensions.

With a light tone, the film aims to share a message of hope in a world that desperately needs us to reach out to “the other”.

The movie will be displayed in the original French version with French and Dutch subtitles.

WHEN? Monday 20th of December from 7pm to 9pm WITH CovidSafe Pass.

PRICE? 10 euros to be paid in cash at the entrance

MOVIE SCREENING AT CINEMA GALERIES (Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Bruxelles) >> REGISTER HERE

The session will be in English