IMPACT MONDAY – A life journey created by artbeats

septembre 18, 2023

About the Session

Stijn D’Hondt, co-founder of award winning branding studio Heren Loebas, who developed the brand of the Impact House, took a risk and booked a one way ticket to New York to continue his passion project ‘Artbeats’. An artproject that celebrates life and plays with the duality of death. He travelled solo for 7 months across the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala without any plans. At memorable moments, he captured his own heartbeats and those from people he met on his journey. He then transformed these heartbeats into unique universes. The talk will show his personal growth and will make your heart sing by showing the natural wonders he saw while traveling. It’s all about feeling alive and honoring every beautiful moment. Huge murals in slums, a collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art, a giant pride flag and a solo exhibition in Mexico City. A dream trip where he designed a life at the ritme of his heartbeat.

About Stijn

Stijn D’Hondt was born in a little town in Belgium named Anzegem and grew up in the city of Ghent. At a young age he lost his mom from breast cancer and at that moment he began creating art. His fascination with human life – and death – was growing and he started to make his own visual style around it. Also the repetitiveness of heart disease in his family forms the inspiration to work with the heartbeat as a symbol to honour life. His art can been seen as playful, positive and vulnerable.

Brussels Design September – “For The Now” Fair

On September 23 & 24 in the beautiful Gare Maritime site at Tour & Taxis, you can discover his work within the “For The Now” Fair as one of the highlights of the Brussels Design September program.

Event Information:

📅 WHEN? Monday 18th of September from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

🎟️ PRICE? 5 EUR to be paid in CASH at the entrance*


*Price includes a drink at the end of the session

The session will be in English