IMPACT MONDAY – ​Film as a Trigger for Social Change

février 21, 2022

Filmpact forges strategic relationships between strong films and change organizations in order to improve our societies. It is scientifically proven that film and visual stories are powerful empathy machines that can nuance and adjust our view of the world, and spur us into action. Together with change organisations and Flemish filmmakers, Filmpact develops and implements impact campaigns, starting from the topics and message of a (documentary) film, and with a particular focus on themes as child welfare, ecology, migration and identity.

In this session, Céline Broeckaert, Impact Producer for Filmpact, invites everybody to join them in thinking about how we can best use our films as a tool for social change, leading to win-win collaborations. Together we can make the film-audience as diverse as society, and give an extra platform to all those who are not always enough heard.


Filmpact is a project initiated by Flanders Doc, the documentary film producers in Flanders, empowered by the international impact organization DocSociety and funded by Cera, Porticus, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and VRT/Canvas.

The overall goal of this project is to create long-lasting change on society and nature with the help of documentary filmmaking. In order to do so, Filmpact aims to build a viable Eco-system for Impact Producing in Flanders and Brussels, within 3 years (kick off in October 2019, end foreseen for June 2022).

Impact Producers are at the heart of this Eco-system. Impact Producers know how they can lead films towards impact, together with a group of stakeholders. Once trained in vision and in practices, the Impact Producers need to work on concrete impact strategies. Through this work and the construction of cross-sectoral partnerships, they will help to build the Eco-system, while at the same time creating change in society through the impact campaigns.

SESSION HAS BEEN POSTPHONED to Monday 21st of February from 6:30pm to 8pm WITH CovidSafe Pass
PRICE? 5 euros to be paid in cash at the entrance*

*Price includes a drink at the end of the session

The session will be in English