BOOK / Game Changer: How education, technology and climate action change the world

In “Game Changer,” author Koen Timmers explores the powerful intersection of education, technology, and climate action as catalysts for global change. The book explores how these elements synergize to offer solutions for youth across the globe, tracing Timmers’ influence from refugee camps in Kenya to corporate offices in Seattle, and classrooms in Malawi. Highlighting his engagements with notable figures from Charlize Theron to Trevor Noah and organizations from NASA to LEGO, Timmers’ insights command attention from a global audience, including Dr. Jane Goodall and Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, who have supported his mission to elevate the Climate Action Project to a global platform.

“Game Changer” narrates the remarkable journey of Koen Timmers in creating the world’s largest educational initiative aimed at combating inequality. Through fostering a global network of teachers and students engaged in intercultural exchange, the book showcases the power of education driven by solution-oriented actions and positivity. Timmers’ story is a testament to the impact of combining education, technology, and climate action in the fight against global challenges.