IMPACT MONDAY – Bee Agile: How biodiversity creates value and inspires our society

March 29, 2021
4:00 pm

The situation of our environment is critical (pollution, loss of biodiversity).

Many economic activities have a negative impact on it. But will we be able to adapt and develop economic activities that will preserve and enhance biodiversity and our environment?  Will we be able to reconnect the often separate economic, social and environmental sectors through new and more resilient models? We can change!

Biodiversity and nature can positively impact the economic activities of our society and become value creators. Innovative solutions based on nature already exist. They can improve the quality of products or services, monitor industrial or agricultural pollution, strengthen links with local stakeholders, promote human well-being and health…in short…create value for all, for the future generations.

Ashoka Fellow Dr Bach Kim Nguyen is the co-founder of BeeOdiversity. Scientist at the University of Liège (Gembloux AgroBioTech), Kim is an international expert on the themes of pollinators, biodiversity, agriculture and sustainable nature.

He is a real Scipreneur, motivated to translate science into results and real-life results by including all key stakeholders. The motivation hence is to share his knowledge about bees and the importance of an intact biodiversity with as many people as possible and raise awareness about biodiversity in the heads of people.

WHEN? Monday, the 29th of March, 4-5pm.