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The Impact House is a dynamic hub dedicated to changemakers, people eager to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges through entrepreneurship. It’s a meeting point for everyone who dares to question the status quo and pursues a durable societal impact.

The Impact House is built on the conviction that the biggest societal impact can be created when non-profit and for-profit strengthen each other. The time has come to leave behind the traditional distinction between social and economic. We should evolve to a model where these worlds reach out with the common goal to shape a better future.  We believe business should be a force for positive social and environmental innovation. If we work together on all levels and think long term, we can achieve sustainable impact.

In the Impact House social entrepreneurs, supporting organizations, impact investors, inclusive corporates and civil society come together. It’s a place where people are inspired, new collaborations grow and innovative solutions are co-created. It’s a small but ambitious co-working, meeting and event space with positive societal impact at its core.


A personal growth training in his family company Colruyt and the book ‘How to Change the World?’ of David Bornstein were key milestones in the life and career of Piet Colruyt. He realized he could and wanted to put his background and experience at the service of social entrepreneurs who combined the best of both worlds: a healthy business model and societal impact. Apart from an entrepreneur, Piet is foremost the impact investor who fully believes you really can reconcile the three P’s: people, planet and profit.

meet the ecosystem

These organisations can be found in the Impact House…

Impact capital

Within impact capital we believe in social entrepreneurship. Since social entrepreneurs are only focused on solving the most pressing societal issues, they are always 5 years ahead in finding innovative solutions. To scale their system changing innovations, they need specific financial and non-financial support. They need an impact focused ecosystem. Impact Capital wants to build this in Belgium.

Shaping Impact Group enables investors, philantropists, funds and foundations to generate maximum societal impact with their resources, through Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy. Through our impact-first investment funds we help enterprises with a strong social mission grow their business and impact.

Ashoka is the world’s largest global network of social entrepreneurs addressing society’s most pressing problems. Its mission is to identify, connect and support these changemakers to accelerate social innovation and trigger systemic change.

Oya Seed supports social entrepreneurs, who have the attitude and potential to be disruptive and change the system, by providing capital and access to a wide network of professionals to develop their initiative and build their impact at the beginning of their journey.

Duurzaam Beleggen Academy wants to bring people knowledge, insights and tools so they can make their own sustainable financial decisions. The Academy provides training tailored to beginners or more experienced investors, whether they have their money managed or they make all their decisions themselves. The conviction is that everyone can invest sustainable, because it does not have to be complex and it does not require a lot of money. 

SIFund is an investment fund for businesses with an integrated impact/business model. By deploying human and financial capital plus business and investment expertise, SI Fund helps them achieve a sustainable impact alongside a fair financial return.

Shaerpa provides management services to impact investment funds. Shaerpa selects, screens and invests in enterprises that combine a high societal value with a for-profit business model. Measuring and managing impact is at the core of its work.

ECPAT Belgium is an organization dedicated to the fight against child sexual exploitation. Its work is grounded on three pillars: prevention, listening to children’s voices and mobilization of civil society and decision makers.

KIYO empowers children and youth to take charge of their lives and realise their rights. Together with its partners, KIYO strenghtens life and technical skills of children and youth. This enables them to bring about positive individual and societal change as global citizens.

Your voice, your force. Debateville fosters social inclusion by teaching our young and most vulnerable key skills through an innovative debate program. Through a fun and innovative debate program they are helping the youngsters to: improve key employable skills, raise aspirations and expectations by increasing their motivation and self-esteem and inspire citizenship by improving their knowledge of and involvement in society.

Climate case is a democratic and collective action of citizens who want to force the Belgian authorities to fulfil their climate promises. The court case was started in 2014 by the non-profit association Climate Case (Klimaatzaak) and in the meantime 58586 Belgians joined as co- claimants.

Younited Belgium consists of Younited-teams from all over the country who believe in the transformative power of football and the resilience of human beings. Our teams offer ‘experts in daily survival’ a home within their football team. We chose to build on their strengths rather than to label them with the problems they face. Our participants fight issues such as housing, mental health, wellbeing, poverty or addiction. 

iPropeller offers boutique strategy consulting services to organizations which are eager to develop innovative solutions to tough social and environmental challenges. Solutions from which both organization and society benefit.

Sustenuto is a strategic sustainability consultancy. Our mission, simply put, is developing sustainability in the heart of corporate decision making, operations and policies. We are seasoned sustainability managers with different backgrounds, and use our experience as executive coaches to support sustainable strategy and implementation in different sectors.

C2C Platform is now a part of Sustenuto.

FIDE is a network of leading democratic innovators in Europe. We advise governments and policy-makers on how to involve everyday people in the decision-making process. FIDE is a non-partisan organization with no topical preferences. We simply believe that a diverse group of citizens can reach informed judgements and propose meaningful policy recommendations. Citizens are not a threat but a resource.


Organisation Development Support (ODS) is a full-service consultancy working exclusively with European and international non-profit organisations to achieve greater societal impact. Our vision is to see a world in which civil society contributes actively, effectively and efficiently to achieve peaceful, democratic, green and fair communities. We do this through our four areas of practice: Organisational Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Strategy, and Toolkits & Facilitation.

G1000 is a Belgian platform for democratic innovation. We develop, support and promote new forms of deliberation that reinforce democracy from local to national level. We believe democracy should give more space to regular citizens.

Transparency International Belgium (TI Belgium) is an independent non-profit organization that, together with hundreds of other national departments worldwide, is part of the global network Transparency International (TI). TI Belgium conducts broad information activities and opinion formation to increase awareness of the harmful effects of corruption and works for increased transparency in both the public, private and non-profit sectors. 

“Corruption is exploiting one’s position to gain an undue advantage for one’s own gain or the gain of another.” – Transparency International

In every urban or landscape project that it is a part of, OMGEVING not only seeks out the spatial but also the societal value it can add. OMGEVING lets this commitment filter through into its research, design, and its construction work. The design company sustains the human scale of its projects through the principle of cooperative collaboration. Collectivity – in both substantive and process-oriented terms – is a key concept for OMGEVING. Teams that have been carefully composed for each project create a network of strategic alliances, through which disciplines and areas of activity are drawn together according to requirements, both internally and from external parties.

Make.org is an independent European civic tech organisation, acting for the development of citizen participation. Its digital engagement solutions enable massive citizen mobilisation and consensus-based societal transformation (at local, national and European levels). Make.org revitalises democracy by fostering citizen ownership of collective decisions.

There are so many ideas for sustainability, yet so little action. That needs to change. NONO is a sustainable behavior change agency. We use behavioral sciences and future thinking to stimulate imagination and build narratives, communication strategies, or employee engagement strategies. Our clients are organizations with ambitious sustainable products, policies, or ideas who want their customers, civilians, or team members to go from ‘no thank you’ to ‘yes please!’

Impact Finance Belgium (IFB), is a membership association, with an overall goal to increase the share of impact capital in Belgium. It integrates all capital providers who genuinely strive for (measurable) impact for people and the planet. IFB’s activities focus on policy & advocacy, research, awareness creation, sharing best practices, and enabling pioneering programs to advance the impact finance space.

Open Impact is an innovative start-up and a spin-off of University of Milan Bicocca that provides services and develops digital products for the measurement, valorisation and management of impact in an integrated sustainability concept.


Unoya believes in finance as a force for good and in supportive leadership as a key enabler for impact. We advise investors, investees, family offices and wealth owners seeking to make meaningful contributions towards an inclusive and regenerative economy. And we support them to create an inspiring leadership culture, with respectful human relationships at its heart, to get there.


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